Oversea Purchasing

Elly provides oversea shipping, all merchandises are in stock beside preorder event.


Before purchasing, we recommend you to register to our membership in order to enjoy our benefits and purchasing record forreference.


Payment term

By credit card online


PayPal (with extra 4.4% transaction fee)


Currency is by Taiwanese Dollar, and the currency exchange rate is depending on your bank.


2 Shipping Methods

1.    Post office



Lower rate



Longer shipping time, unable to track package accurately.

Post office often has issue with losing package and slow processing time.

When address is given improperly, the package will fail to deliver.


2.    DHL express



Deliver within 3-5 working days.

Easy to track package and more precise information will be given.

If encounter any issue, the customer services helpful.



Higher rate


Package charging rate

Mama Koala without inserts

1 - 5 PCS
6 - 10 PCS
11 - 15 PCS

Around every 5 PCS of MK cloth diaper per rate.

If you are uncertain what rate to choose, please contact us before payment.